Zim Digital Awards Honour Outstanding Tech Players

The second edition honoured 15 local companies for their contribution to the digital space in the country. ICT Postal and Courrier Services Deputy Minister Win Mlambo affirmed government’s commitment to support the Zimbabwe Digital Awards.

Speaking during the second edition of the ZimDigital Awards, Mlambo applauded the Institute of Digital Strategy for founding and initiating the Zimbabwe
Digital awards which were launched last year on 16 March 2016 at Rainbow Towers, HICC.

“This comes as Zimbabwe is experiencing phenomenal growth in internet usage and access propelled by increase in mobile phone density which now sits at 95.4% as 14million across all networks while internet subscriptions increased to 48.1% as of Dec 2015 according to Potraz report. The majority of Zimbabweans now access internet through the same mobile phones either for business, email or social networking

“As given in the ICT policy document of 2015, the Government of Zimbabwe is committed to drive digital innovation and connectivity and promoting inclusiveness as witnessed by the drive by my Ministry in opening Data centres in remote rural areas.

CBZ getting a Zim Digital Award

“The vision is to have the whole Zimbabwe connected by 2020. Innovation drive is becoming real by the passing of each day as we are having tremendous support from Internet Service Providing companies as they are busy putting up infrastructure to connect the nation,” said Mlambo.

TelOne team posing for a photo at Zim Digital Awards

He added that digital innovation was the only answer to speed up easier facilitation of the ZIMASSET and other national development goals.

“Digitalisation, is bringing about the much needed convenience and the ease of doing business. Imagine the beauty of having your bank on your phone, paying your bills on your phone, surely this is a commendable development in our country. The Government of Zimbabwe through my Ministry has set aside a fund to finance young innovators who have ideas and initiatives that will see our digital landscape improved. Beneficiaries will soon be announced and the fund availed to the youth for ICT development projects.”

“Digital Skills Development Most youths are taking up studies in ICT courses which is a positive step in developing our economy. As we stand , we have a shortage of ICT skilss which in turn impact on the implementation of the digitalisation agenda. I would like to thank Institute of Digital Strategy Zimabwe and other private institutions who are organising digital dialogue events and training functions in a bid to equip the nation with relevant skills.

“Off late we have we have witnessed the development of various mobile applications and other operational systems which have improved the ease of doing business , this is commendable . I am reliably informed that amongst the delegates, we have University students and teenagers who have developed surprising applications and systems for the betterment of Zimbabwe.

“As such , we have put up a proposed Cyber crime bill  which will govern us on our digital spaces. I urge every citizen to be a responsible user of digital technologies especially social media. We are not threatened by as a government , as we will make sure offenders will be brought to book .Social media influencers and bloggers , I urge you to direct your energies towards national development and success in all our different sectors of the economy.
Your content you sent out must not be a threat to national security,” said Mlambo.

Zimbabwe Digital Awards are an important step in acknowledging organisations and individuals that have adopted digital technologies in their business operations and have consistently implemented the technology and started taking positive steps in creating digital synergies. Awarding these companies does not disqualify other players but rather encourages them to work towards adopting digital technologies in their business and create functional and responsive websites for their brands
with relevant content in terms of their business and updated timely.

This year’s awards came as a result of a nomination research exercise led by the Book of African Records and nominees were listed on www.zimdigitalawards.tech were ordinary people would vote for companies and individuals they thought contributed and worked hard in adopting and implement digital technology.

Below is the list of winners in their respective categories

  1. Best Internet Service Provider of the year: TelOne
  2. Best News website of the year: NewsDay
  3. Digital Supplier of the Year: GTel
  4. Regulatory Authorities Most digitalised monitoring system of the year: Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board
  5. Most Digitalised Government department of the year: Immigration Department
  6. Most innovative bank of the year: CBZ
  7. Digital campaign of the year: One Fusion
  8. Digital Innovation of the year: eMAP, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
  9. Web Developer of the year: Webdev
  10. Best Mobile application of the year: CBZ Touch, CBZ
  11. Best Website Overall: NewsDay
  12. Digital Personality of the Year: Tinashe Nyaruwanga
  13. Best Digital payment solutions of the year: Paynet
  14. Retail Digital Excellence  Award of the year: 10nga.com
  15. Most effective Social Media presence of the year: ZETDC


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