Zim Data: Speed VS Cheap Thrills

Remember the data price wars that rocked  the country in January when Zimbabweans adopted the hashtag #datamustfall? Such protests  show that we need it cheap.

TechnoMag rallied behind the public that lobbied the Government to reduce the expensive data that mobile network operators had initiated.

Identifying that internet as a basic human right that Zimbabweans should have access to, this somehow added some weight in pushing Government to ask mobile network operators to reduce their pricing tariffs.

Zimbabwe is still the third most expensive country when it comes to internet costs for 1GB of data fetches $30.

Some companies boast of speed while others vaunt about their low cost data.

Internet service providers in Zimbabwe such as TelOne and ZOL are always at each other’s throat arguing which one is faster than the other.

The same could be argued in the mobile telecommunications industry.

There is nothing as frustrating as slow internet. The frustration is multiplied when you are forking more money for slow data.

Coming to the issue of costs, Zimbabweans feel we are being overcharged. Buttressing that notion is a report done by Opera Software last year which cited high data costs limiting full internet usage in Africa with 20MB being used per month despite the increasing mobile penetration.

This brings us to the question of preference, whether we as Zimbabweans like fast internet or cheap data.

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On Tuesday, utilising our WhatsApp groups, this reporter conducted a snap survey as to what matters the most to Zimbabweans, the speed thrills or the cheap thrills.

Interestingly most prefer cost to speed citing that Zimbabwean internet is already slow. On the flip-side, some crave for the speed.

And obviously in every survey there are some who prefer the best of both worlds. They love it cheap and fast.

Below are some of the thoughts from our groups’ members

[8:27 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Fast Internet
[8:28 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ********: reliable too
[8:29 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 **********: Very cheap internet
[8:29 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 *******: Will rather have a moderate speed but enjoy more benefits with my little $$ purchase nobody is willing to fork out huge amounts of money for data in Zimbabwe mostly
[8:30 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 *******: 500KB/s is good with me as long as it is cheap
[8:30 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: fast internet now we are doing skype calls and going live on facebook also whatsapp calling we need fast and reliable internet. though a blend is nice too that is fast, reliable and cheap.
[8:33 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Whats the purpose of having fast internet which cannot last me longer enough.take for example the econet $1 bundle on lte.its way expensive than the powertel $2 a day coz wth the powertel lesser speeds l can do more with it
[8:33 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 77*******: Both
[8:38 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: with Thirty dollars you will be able to have fast internet or Wifi wch is dollar a day. ADSL from Telone is a good option.
[9:09 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Cheap internet, i personally prefer chero ikazoita fast at midnyt ndoimirira kusvika yakufaya
[9:12 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 *******: Fast internet means expensive….sooo cheap…vry indeed?
[9:13 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Affordable prices,, beta speed..
[9:15 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: nyaya ye internet iyi ma1 ts btta to hack wifi yepa nxt door free of charge haaaa kkkkkk
[9:17 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Its nt free,, the bill wil jus go to your neighbor
[9:19 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: yaaa ts btta dan to stress over dis internet crap
I stay in Tynwald close to byo road, econet has been the fastest when I use the note 2,but I was surprised when I used LG 5 it netone was super fast than the other. So I don’t know whether it the model of the phone or the network

[8:20 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Obvious we all want cheap…but the reality is you get the good service if you pay more…I would rather pay more n get best speeds
[8:20 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Maybe it is location, in town it’s better
[8:21 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Were i stay waterfall prospect even calling its a problem. Their service is poor
[8:22 PM, 5/29/2017] +263******: In Zim there’s lack of service so l would rather have cheap data until l see a change ..Because the high speeds in this country are not up to standard yet
[8:24 PM, 5/29/2017] +263*****: M sure u r using Econet global data lol
[8:24 PM, 5/29/2017] +263******: Fast internet
[8:26 PM, 5/29/2017] +263******: M in Gweru since last week and hey econt data is the worst
[8:26 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: I’m in Highfield…I get up to 10mb download speed
[8:28 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Here were i am i prefer netone or telecel not econet
[8:54 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Econt is the real deal…. Fast data…. Its reliable doing buznes at home
[8:56 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Mmmmm maybe the problem is our handsets
[9:06 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Ya use fons wit 4g lte
[9:07 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ****** Yea true… The only provider akupa data for free..
[9:07 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: Buy 2 gig n you get 2gb free
[9:17 PM, 5/29/2017] +263 ******: That’s the phone i am using now

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