Zim Companies At Great Risk To Cyber Threats: Frampol

ZIMBABWEAN companies are highly vulnerable to cyber threats considering cyber security is still a gray area which directors hardly commit to, an IT security expert has said.

Frampol Africa director Neil Padmore told journalists last Friday after their Cyber security workshop that cyber directors are sub-prioritizing cyber security issues.

“We are at great risk particularly because we have emerged from economic depression in the past 20 years. And as a result of economic depression we have not taken cyber security seriously because we have been spending our money on bread and butter issues keeping what we think are the most important parts of our business running.

“So we have neglected the seemingly unimportant issues. One of the unimportant issues are the things we don’t see.

He also said directors are rated poorly in terms of cyber security.

“Directors in organisations specifically in Zimbabwe don’t do well when they are being measured against a cyber security assessment for the simple reason they are not exposed to information. And related to the previous question, its because they are focusing on bread and butter issues, instead of identifying broader aspects of risk towards their businesses,” Padmore said.

The workshop was highly enlightening as executives that attended it were left converted leaving them to urgently address cyber security loopholes at their workplaces.

“What we need to do is what we have done today, a cybersecurity workshop directed at executives. And fortunately, the cyber security workshop had a great impact. We had wonderful feedback, they have walked away saying they have learnt things they didn’t know.

“And they have already sent emails to their IT administrators saying address a,b,c. So more of these is exactly what we need,” said Padmore.

Cyber security was largely focused on political threats leaving the economic front bare and vulnerable. As a result most companies were victims of cyber threats such as WannaCry Ransomware which ravaged academic institutions and corporates.

Zimbabwe in July 2017 was ranked number 18 in Africa on the Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 for cyber security commitment.

Zimbabwe’s poor positioning on continental ranking of cyber security commitment comes at a time when legislators, civil society groups, lawyers and the media are calling for the expeditious crafting of the much-awaited Computer Crime and Cybersecurity bill.

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