ZiFM`s New Website Refreshing

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Zifm stereo has bounced back online after more than a month of being down with a much more smoother and well designed website pitching it as one of the best entertainment website in Zimbabwe.

Its no longer the red bright colour standing out, infact the designer added a classic touch to the website with a deep classic black to blend well with some red spots.

Its not a wordpress theme, neither is it a joomla, this however does not mean there is a problem with the two but a mere a completely different content managing system. We however failed to detect the new CMS which they have adopted.

zifm bodyPNG

The functionality has also been completely redefined. Although Zifm has not automatically activated streaming by merely visiting, they have removed the annoying downloadable plugin which would then automatically (by Default) use windows media player to stream music online.

They have introduced a listen option which takes you to a cool separate pop up plug in which then automatically opens a window to a fresh streaming option.




The pop up also add life to interactivity as it allows chatting with listeners currently logged on. Zifm however seems not to have updated their social network handles from the pop up as the links lead to a dead end both of their facebook and twitter. Ofcourse these are activated on the website itself.

Zifm plugin

The lower part brings up the additional information of upcoming events and shows lining up the programme for the day helping listeners to keep up with other extra information.


Zifm lower part

Of course on the  footer , they sign  out with their live social networking handles. A refreshing aspect is their streaming twitter option which continuously take twitter to the website though the streaming is a bit delayed .

zifm website footer

Thumbs up to zifmstereo for the refreshing new look, it puts our local stations on the international market with real imprint of quality .



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