Zifm Brings Down Own Website!

By Tongai Mwenje

ZiFM, one of the newly launched, vibrant radio stations since the “freeing” of the airwaves for almost three weeks has kept their website under maintenance, pending some “perfecting process”.

By simply visiting their website, one will be welcomed by a maintenance home page and a note: “ZIFM STEREO’S NEW WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN THE MEANTIME ENJOY THE BEST IN RADIO ENTERTAINMENT VIA OUR LIVE STREAM”

Thank goodness the website is not completely down, at least one can still stream and connect to the live broadcast while you look at a relatively “ugly screen”.

zifm website down message

It boggles one`s mind why Zifm sterio would take down a functional website to replace it with an under construction for more than three weeks.

It would have been ideal that they do their perfections on a local server while the current website is live then simply migrate when the new website is ready.

Best known to themselves, ZiFM decided to take down the whole graphics, replaced that with a a Google location map and yet they kept the live streaming on.

Prior to this move ZiFM has been running under a basically good Red bright website with live slides of their current slots  and personalities shifting through their home page in real time.

What’s much more exciting is looking out to the new upcoming website since the old one was relatively cool and functional with a downloadable listen now plugin service for live broadcasts

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