ZiDrive, Another Zimbabwean Road Test App.

Obtaining a learner’s driver’s license is a toll task for others, whereas to some I’ts easy-peasy. While one has to pass at least 22 questions out of 25, most find it difficult to get the Provisional Driver’s Licence.

With the average number of times that one has to obtain the license being three, it amounts to him or her forking out $60. Upon failing more than three times, some easy quit this ‘tideous’ process. Who wants to continue dolling out $20 every time for the test considering Zimbabwe is a freebie-nation?

Several Zimbabwean mobile applications compatible with either Android and or iOS running devices have been developed in Zimbabwe with the aim to familiarise Zimbabweans with Provisional license test questions.

Unlike similar applications such as Road Rules that charge a small fee of $2 to $3, a team of Zimbabwean developers led by Kurai Chikwangwani developed an application called ZiDrive.


Screenshot of the ZIDrive Application

Now considering the economic climate of the country some the public can use this freemium version of Road Rules.
Hinging on the Zimbabwean Highway Code, this application with three modes comes heavily laden with 350 questions for the user to easily familiarise with the test questions.

Speaking to a member of the app development team Kundai Sadomba, he said the ZiDrive gives app users a virtual feel as to what various road rules are among other things.
“This app contains over 350 test questions all based on the Zimbabwe Highway Code.
“You can run real test simulation including the various road test rules categories, timelimitt and moreplus you are notified after each question. Also try marathon mode to see how good you are in a non-stop 125 question challenge,
“Now with diagram modewhic offers you both a test at those feared diagram questions plus a few on defensive driving at intersections,” he said.
This offline freemium app released in 2014 will have more user-friendly added unto it.
The app has been downloaded by over 4000 users but over 2000 of them are active users.
ZiDrive draws its revenue from advertisements as it is for free.
“It is basically like a free version if Road Rules solving the same problems they sought to address but we make money off adverts and not the people who are apparently losing money in trying to get their driver’s licence,’ said Sadomba.
As a freebie, this is your chance to experience the provisional driver’s license test, virtually and this app will ensure you pass it.

Bulawayo Youth Developing Appsound, Antipiracy Solution.

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