ZESA Warns Against Power Theft


ZESA has warned the public against indulging in power theft and other unscrupulous activities involving ZESA meters.

ZESA Board Chairman Sydney Gata said that the unscrupulous activities were bleeding the company,hampering it from offering excellent services.

“Let me hasten to express government’s displeasure in the manner
in which some members of society are engaging in unscrupulous
activities like meter tampering, bridging, by-passing and illegal
connections,”he said

Mr Gata revealed that the state owned power utility had incurred losses as a result of the unscrupulous activities.

“I am reliably informed that non-technical losses
contribute about 5% of our total revenue, and if we are to use the
ZESA 2020 financial results as a point of reference, the loss translates
to about ZWL$1.4 billion,”he added.

Power theft occurs when individuals tamper with electric service by trying to bypass the electric meter at a service panel.

Tampering can create unsafe conditions that have resulted in electrical shock, fire, explosion or death.

Electricity theft in Zimbabwe attracts a punishment of not less than 10 years in prison.

This sentence is applicable for theft in the form of tampering with apparatus of generating, transmitting, distributing or supplying electricity with the result that any supply of electricity is cut off or interrupted.

Kudzai Madziva

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