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Zesa Visits Mzilikazi To Correct Colonial System Electricity Connection Which Short-changed Africans&Availing Everyone Prepaid Metres By 2023


Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) board Chair Dr Sydney Gata’s leadership skills have rubbed off his management in Bulawayo which is over confident of reversing a colonial Electricity “breaker system” in Mzilikazi suburb which is limited and has Short-changed Africans for over half a century with Zesa declaring, by 2023 everyone will be having a prepaid Electricity metre.During the week, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission ZETDC senior management visited Bulawayo to map how the roll out of the project would be conducted.

Gata’s local Bulawayo management visited houses in Mzilikazi suburb where they observed how the colonial system had designed the electricity connection to short-change Africans.

It was observed that some housing units were designed to have 2,5 to 5 amps which is only enough power to switch on lights and not power significant home appliances.

But due to malfunctioning old breakers, some residents were now accessing more power which they are not paying for with many others experiencing the opposite, having power which cannot even switch on an electric kettle, let alone incapable of switching on a mere heater in this cold winter and and the past over seven decades of winters. Most Mzilikazi households you cannot afford to switch one plate of your stove to the maximum six, or the whole house will black out after such colonial Electricity breakers disconnect.

In an interview, ZETDC revenue assurance manager, who is also the smart and prepayment meter project manager, Engineer Wilfred Shereni said the power utility has set an ambitious plan that will result in every power consumer using the prepaid scheme by next year.

“We want to migrate all remaining post-paid customers and load limited customers to prepaid.

“In terms of numbers, we are looking up to close to 100 000 customers still on postpaid and load limit customers who are mainly in Harare and Bulawayo,” said Eng Shereni.

“Why in those two cities? Because traditionally customers in the western suburbs or high-density suburbs, like Mbare, Mufakose, Mzilikazi, Makokoba where the capacity which those customers could take was 2,5 to 5 amps and they were looped connections.”

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ZESA Replaces 4000/6000 Bulawayo Faulty Metres, Connect 732 546 Households Nationwide&Procures 100 000 More

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