ZESA Uses Drone Technology To Detect Faults


ZESA Uses Drone Technology To Detect Faults

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Board Chairman has certified the introduction and use of drone technology in detecting faults.

Addressing delegates at Zesa’s drone technology certification ceremony in Harare yesterday, Chairman Gata said, “Today marks the day that we celebrate the certification of the use of drone technology in our day-to-day operations, a milestone that is expected to improve on service delivery. With drone technology, the Zimbabwe Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) will be able to identify faults within the transmission and distribution of electricity channels without having to physically send a team on the ground for line patrol.

The Zesa boss said his power utility was leveraging on digital technologies such as drones, anti-intrusion detection systems, CCTV systems, geographical information systems, remote sensing, smart-metering, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve services.

“Drones are key in Zimbabwe’s electricity market digital disruption as they create opportunities beyond the traditional way of doing business, provide non-traditional solutions and simplify the electricity generation, transmission and distribution processes,” Gata added.

“This will enable a quicker turn-around in fault finding and rectification resulting in continuous and consistent provision of electricity to our customers. Drone technology will also assist ZETDC in its fight against vandalism and theft of electricity.”

Zesa is doing battle to a plethora of challenges including incessant faults, mainly emanating from ageing power distribution infrastructure. This has seen the country grappling with endless power cuts, which have further burdened its fragile economy.

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