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ZESA Replaces 4000/6000 Bulawayo Faulty Metres, Connect 732 546 Households Nationwide&Procures 100 000 More


The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has completed connecting 90% of nationwide homes with prepaid metres.In the same vein, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) procured 100 000 prepaid meters to complete the remaining ten percent which is not connected after 732 546 confirmed connection. ZETDC is also in the process of replacing faulty meters and in Bulawayo, 4 000 of the 6 000 faulty meters have been replaced.

ZESA is targeting to complete the placement of all its customers under this system by June next year.

The power utility is now replacing malfunctioning meters within 24 hours.

New wiring will be conducted for some houses in old suburbs in Bulawayo such as Makokoba, Mzilikazi, Iminyela, Mabutweni where people are using the load limit system popularly known as fixed payment system.

TechnoMag has it on good authority that, already the prepaid electricity system, which started a decade ago, is “90 percent complete with 732 546 households connected to the system,” according to ZETDC engineer Wilfred Shereni.

The power utility has said due to the prepaid electricity system, the country is saving 123 megawatts (MW) annually.

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