ZESA Prepaid Network Down

THE ZESA prepaid electricity network is down amid indications that customers around Harare are queuing at Wayne Street ZESA branch for electricity following indications that they have been battling to purchase electricity tokens even on mobile banking platforms such as Ecocash and Telecash.

A survey done by TechnoMag around Harare’s retail outlets and ZESA Prepaid electricity Agents indicates that the network issue has been going on for some time now and consumers were opting to rivet to the old system whereby they would make  a once off monthly payment at ZESA’s offices.In a communication sent vie SMS, Ecocash apologized for the poor network and assured customers the issue would normalise.

TechnoMag Reporter

Dear customer, our apologies, ZESA prepaid electricity tokens are currently unavailable due to system challenges.We will advise once normal services are restored,” said Ecocash.

Even top retail outlets which include Ok Zimbabwe, Choppies, PicknPay, TM, Food World could not process ZESA transactions due to the poor network.

Internet service provider PowerTel, a Zesa subsidiary, was in 2014 appointed as the sole aggregator for the sale of prepaid electricity tokens. Questions are however being asked about PowerTel’s capacity to run the system given the frequent downtimes inconveniencing consumers.

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