Zesa Now Closing ZETDC Halls, Powertel Cuts The Full Cake

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, (ZESA) the nation’s sole energy producer and state owned entity, which has been running the electricity supply has been announcing the closure of ZETDC banking halls , its subsidiary which mainly houses payment offices and distribution of power in Zimbabwe.

Probably the name Megawatt house is one that will never be easily forgotten by many and still stands as the brand behind ZESA, but lo and behold even the mighty will know when their times up.

By Toneo T Rutsito

Tomorrow is the last day that will see the mighty and popular Megawatt building shutting its doors to become a white elephant as technological payment alternatives are now slowly getting popular and largely being embraced by most citizens in Zimbabwe.

Ofcourse this is one strong contract which NetOne will rue, as millions at a certain point in time endured the long Zesa queue and they had the golden egg which completely did not hatch before the same contract was extended to everyone else in the market except Econet WirelessZimbabwe for obvious reasons.


In a statement ZESA announced that the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company, (ZETDC) would like to advise its valued clients in Harare of the closure of Megawatt banking hall, (city centre).

In the same notification, ZESA said that

clients can are kindly requested to use other branches and reminded the clients off its listed powerPlus vending partners like NetOne One Wallet, CBZ bank, ZB bank, Zimpost , Ok retails stores, TelOne, Agribank, Petrotrade Service stations and some retail stores.

The move officially positions Powertel’s PowerPlus system as the major revenue collector for ZESA nationwide through all these retail and subcontracted companies which are using PowerPlus system.

As many Zimbabweans are getting accustomed to the PowerPlus system, millions across the nation no longer see any need or point of visiting ZESA banking halls hence chances are high that the Megawatt closure is just but a precedent set for most upcoming branches as well.

While it obviously spells doom for the ZETDC employees and revenue collection, Powertel is smiling all the way to the bank as they are now the strongest player in ZESA payment collection in Zimbabwe,a new technological opportunity they find amidst the storm.

The prepayment model of collecting revenue in Zesa has brought serious stability to then supply of electricity which has greatly impacted the nation and saved us from the dark days as electricity is now readily available due to the availability of funds.

The past system allowed Zesa to supply electricity then later on go into hassles of collection which literally means that their coffers and reserves had to supply only what they could buy initially but the game has completely changed.

Powertel is the sole aggregator of the system, with only less than 2years since implementation, the nation has been saved from dark moments of load shedding with a supply more than 21 000 vending points nation wide.

Nicole Madziwa

Chief Koti Now Zimpapers Social Media Manager

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