OutAndAbout: ZESA-Ecocash Partnership an Endgame to Subcontracted Vendors?

With every bargain comes a compromise as subcontracted vendors for prepaid electricity are crying foul with the deal brokered between Zimbabwe’s leading mobile money platform Ecocash and Zesa for the sale of prepaid electricity tokens.

When TechnoMag broke the news on the announcement that Ecocash had finally clinched the Zesa prepaid electricity deal there was merriment all over the country.

By TechnoMag Reporter

The partnership which brings convenience to 6 million active Ecocash subscribers apparently did not go down very well with these vendors found in the high density suburbs of Highfield.

While trying to buy electricity at a sub contracted electricity vendor in Highfield, this reporter was told that business had taken a downward spiral.


Queuing to buy prepaid electricity tokens at Zesa’s Wyn Street offices

Another subcontracted vendor also said this deal has dealt them a huge blow.

“Its now different like now, one can buy electricity via Ecocash. It would have been better if Ecocash  subcontracted its agents to sell the Zesa tokens on their behalf so that we can still get a commission out of the transactions,” she said.

The tables have turned indeed for these agents who sometimes used the ZB Prepaid Bank Electricity Tokens interface, among others.

Could it be the end of the road for these vendors whose commission was accrued from these transactions.

Only time will tell, its either these sub-contracted agents shape up or ship out.

Meanwhile, Ecocash subscribers have been facing some glitches when trying to purchase electricity tokens via the platform.

After paying the money, they would not get the token code until they had to call either Powertel(Prepaid electricity tokens aggregator).



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