ZESA Applies For 2 Cents Per Kilowatt Tariff Adjustment

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company [ZETDC] has applied for a 2 cents per kilowatt tariff adjustment to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA).

The power utility company has applied for the adjustment for it to be able to improve the utility of electricity countrywide and implement prepared meters.

Speaking at the press conference, Dr David Madzikanda challenged media practitioners to educate and raise awareness on how to utilize the energy.

He also challenged consumers to pay their bills in full on time so that the company could import electricity from other countries like South Africa, Zambia, and Mozambique. The reason behind the importation of electricity is that there is a shortage of electricity in the country.

He also mentioned the issue of consumers paying their bills in United States Dollars because a lot of expenditure incurred by ZESA is in USD.

“We have issues with other thermal power stations that are very old to the extent that we cannot depend on them. These were used during the early 40s and now it is very expensive to run them. They can be taken into consideration only during the rainy season,” he said.

In his conclusion, Dr Madzikanda challenged consumers to also turn to solar power as a way of mitigating power shortages and went on to plead with consumers to switch off their electrical gadgets whenever they are not using them.

Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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