ZBC`s PowerFm Now On Dstv

ZBC has announced that one of their most popular radio station, PowerFm is now broadcasting on the popular DSTv platform, joining a fleet of other renowned radio stations.

PowerFm is now broadcasting under the bouquet channel 893, of the DsTV radio stations.

In an statement, The ZBC was so excited to break the news, a move they most likely claim to be a first of its kind amongst all other radio stations in Zimbabwe.

ZBC, who according to Zamps survey have the most following via their radio Zimbabwe channel, are most likely going to be hooking  more stations on the platform as they already have four other radio stations. Not yet connected.

In the quest of digitalising and reaching the international digitalisation deadline which Zimbabwe will by no means will not catch, it is most likely that the already digital radio stations will also follow the same route as they seek audience on the global market.

Due to serious competition posed on the DSTv market, one would however question the benefits of such a move as local radio stations will most likely be overshadowed by popular DsTv radio stations.

Ofcourse this brings in healthy competition while our own local brands compete on regional or international platforms, in the course perfecting themselves.

Good move by the state run broadcaster, probably one of the most noticeable moves ZBC has ever made as a turnaround strategy.

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