ZANU PF To Introduce Electronic Party Cards


During the recent official opening of the Murombedzi community information centre, by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe coincided with the 4th Ordinary Session of the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) conference of Plenipotentiaries hosted by Zimbabwe, ICTPS Hon minister Webster Shamu said they are digitalising their party member cards

By Tongai Mwenje

President R G Mugabe Officially Opening MCIC

The Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services Honourable Webster Shamu said, ‘We want to go beyond this initiative by introducing electronic cards for the ZANU PF leadership from district to national level.’ The electronic system will hub party leadership information with regards to their names, their respective positions in the party and will ease up information access.

He said each district comprises of 111 members in leadership, there are 52 Districts in the country and if we multiply that by 111 members we get 5772.The number is too big to be managed manually hence the minister proposed for an electronic system to manage the data efficiently and easily. Electronic cards will enable users or validators to access all the applicable approved information combined in one package without carrying multiple manuals.
Murombedzi Community Crowd

These Electronic cards are, however, being used by several institutions the world over to store clients’ personal information. Banks normally give e-cards for use on automated teller machines, international banking transactions as well as swipe payments at till operations.

The ZANU-PF Party Cards will contain:
• Members’ personal details
• Hierarchy details within the party
• Remuneration information
• Membership status updates
• District and Senior referral points among other.

This should be a welcome move within the party considering the great numbers the leadership has to deal with. Delegation and follow-up on assignments and duties will definitely be made less strenuous!

In his speech, the President also raised caution against harmful sites, cyber threats and criminal content that collectively seeks to destabilize the move by the government to adopt and support the digital movement.

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