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Zanu PF Goes Digital – Chairman Masimirembwa


Zanu PF is in campaign mode as their keynote speaker at the launch of the data centre at the party’s provincial headquarters in Harare, Zanu PF Harare province chairman Godwills Masimirembwa said they were targeting youths to garner their 5 million votes in 2023.The computer data capturing centre is part of their goal of having a national database to account for its members as well as programmes.

Masimirembwa said “We are on a massive recruitment drive. First of all, we are having great success in Harare because as a party following the footsteps of His Excellency, The President, we are seeking to understand the concerns of the people of Harare, and the concerns of the people of Harare are centred on human settlement issues and income-generating activities”He said that the Youth League was on the ground engaging young people to be part of the Revolutionary Party.

“Our Youth League is out there in full force engaging at a level which is consistent with the dynamics of Covid-19 protocols but engaging our youths particularly those in O’ Levels and those in Lower Six and Upper Six in terms of inculcating the ideology of the party and the values of the party, history of the liberation struggle, why Zanu PF is the party of choice for every Zimbabwean.

“It is a party that brought independence, particularly when you trace our history from the first Chimurenga. All those are morale-boosting activities in which our Youth League is involved in. We are confident that we will have the majority of the youths on the side of Zanu PF because history and the future are on the side of Zanu PF,” Masimirembwa said.

The Harare province chairman said the purpose of the launch was to ascertain the exact number of the party’s members.

“This meeting was to launch the computer data capturing of party members throughout Harare Province as directed by the acting National Political Commissar Cde Patrick Chinamasa that we must computerise all our cells and then that information is the basis of forming a national database.

“As Harare Province we purchased new computers and handed them out to each of our six administrative districts to kick start this important process. We have also encouraged our administrative districts to source more computers within their administrative districts.

“I am happy to say that all the administrative districts have a minimum of five computers at their disposal. We are hoping that the computerisation exercise will be done in the shortest time possible but in any event, it should be completed within the next 7 days,” said Masimirembwa.

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