Liquid Telecom Zambia Raided By Authorities

The Zambia Information Technology Authority on Tuesday afternoon raided CEC Liquid Telecom Headquarters to confiscate equipment allegedly used in phone tapping and other illegal activities.

Some equipment was also seized at another company firm during  the operation which saw ZICTA raid four other IT firms.

ZICTA Director of Support Service Mofya Chisala told a media briefing that the forensic experts from ZICTA and the Zambia Police Service will examine the equipment before taking appropriate action.

Mr Chisala said ZICTA is concerned that some IT companies are operating equipment that has not been standardised by ZICTA.


According to Lusaka Times, sources claim that CEC Liquid Telecom was found in contravention of the law for allowing foreign companies to supply content on the Zambian market without following proper procedure and remitting prescribed tax.

It is also believed that the basis for police and ZICTA’ s raid on Liquid Telecom is a leaked phone conversation between State House spokesperson Amos Chanda and Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja where Chanda was clearly giving instructions to police on how to treat political opponents.

The regulator said it was also targeting 17 other companies in the operation.

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