ZACC Investigating Ecocash


The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating Ecocash agents that are selling cash and promises to charge the perpetrators behind the rot, TechnoMag can report.

ZACC said Ecocash agents are manipulating the cash ecosystem to their advantage by selling cash at premiums, of as much as 60percent.

In Tweets released earlier today, ZACC is taking measures to make sure that this corruption does not persist.

“We are concerned about the volumes of isolated of reports we have received in connection @EcoCashZW agents manipulating the cash ecosystem to their unfair advantage by selling cash & at prohibiting rates. We are aware that this practice is enabled & supported at a systematic level,”

“An investigation has been opened which must determine and charge the real perpetrators behind this rot. We hope that @econetzimbabwe and @ReserveBankZIM will also look into this seriously to bring an urgent and lasting solution,”

“We believe that in order to effectively fight corruption, all avenues that promote corruption regardless of size must be shut with urgency and we look forward to work with all stakeholders in such scenarios to actively close these pilferage opportunities,” read tweets by ZACC.

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