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Local startup Revolutionize Sector via Data-Driven Agriculture.


ZA2 Agri is a technological company with interests in the agriculture sector, where they are developing smart agricultural techniques in an effort to boost the agricultural sector.

The company has worked on some transformative tech advance in Southern Africa where the smart agro techniques have helped farmers in increasing their yield produced by farmers.

To date, their biggest operation has been the Muzarabani corridor which has improved and has integrated many smallholder farmers in an effort to increase the yield they get from their hectares thanks to the smart agro techniques

Through this program, the company has enhanced productivity for farmers from as much as 300kgs to 1800kg.

Their core focus being smallholder farmers, food security and the environment as they seek to reduce agricultural pollution.

The company has been pushing for the adoption of data-driven agriculture as well as digitizing the entire farming process from start to finish. The company’s core focus is on smallholder farmers, food security and the environment where they are using latest and eco-friendly technology to reduce agricultural pollution

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