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YouTube content creators to start paying taxes by June 2021


YouTube has announced that it will begin deducting taxes from YouTube content creators outside of the United States on profits made from viewers in the United States starting in June 2021.

In an email sent, the Google-owned corporation has requested the founders to apply their tax details in Google AdSense “to determine the right amount of taxes to deduct,”
According to the firm, Google will exempt taxes on YouTube earnings from US viewers from adverts views, YouTube Premium, Super Talk, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships if any tax deductions apply.

In essence, YouTube will withhold a percent of the earnings generated from US viewers, ranging from 0 to 30 percent.

The exact percentage would be determined by whether the creator’s nation has a tax treaty with the United States and the tax deductions for creators can vary across countries.

According to YouTube’s help page, its parent company Google is responsible for collecting tax information.

As well as, withholding taxes, and reporting to the Internal Revenue Service when a producer receives royalty revenue from US viewers.

A deadline of May 31 has also been set for creators to upload their tax information to AdSense, failure to do so could result in a deduction of up to 24% of total earnings around the world.

Reacting to the decision, many creators have chastised YouTube for this decision, given that the site already takes a share of revenue from the advertising it shows.

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