YATA recognizes Masiyiwa

A prophet is not recognized in his own land, but TechnoMag has defied the popular statement by recognizing one man from Zimbabwe who has made global impact that has shifted the technological landscape of Zimbabwe  and Africa as a continent.

The YATA 2015  AWARDS have come and gone but one of the most ideological moments of this prestigious event was the awarding of the life time achievement award that was scooped by Strive Masiyiwa , one of Zimbabwe most recognized entrepreneur.

Special mention goes to the corporate world which made this vision become a reality, and the special mention goes to Netone the Platinum sponsor, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Steward Bank and  GTel Zimbabwe the gold sponsors and e-learning the silver sponsor. 

Strive Masiyiwa has emerged to become one of the most vocal and influential individuals that are driving the innovations by Zimbabwe young innovators both in the educational sector as well as the business word.

Not only have strives work had an impact on his life but also on the lives of many Zimbabweans that have have touched directly or indirectly.

Some have been able to fed the families through the jobs Econet is providing, also through Econet scholarship initiatives many students have realised their dreams of attaining a proper education.

The YATA 2015 awards not only recognized the man strive  but they also recognized the works that he has done for the technological sector world wide, not only did they say thank you they also elaborated the need for man like strive to keep shining the light for the man y that are still in the dark.

In an interview after the awarding of this precious award , TechnoMag CEO and the brain mind of the YATA awards elaborated that showing appreciation for man like Strive Masiyiwa was one thing he wishes could be done daily by the cooperate sector and he is glad that through YATA he enabled the act to occur.

We do hope that the recognition of Mr Strive Masiyiwa by local organizations such as TechnoMag will only be the beginning  and  the YATA Awards will pave way to bigger and better things in the technological world.


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