Yahoo Diversifies

Its serious business for Yahoo this year,after having face lifted the company some few weeks ago it has quickly changed the game into another niche of technology. Yahoo has recently acquired a company specializing in the field of mobile marketing showing its preparedness to move with technology and be able to identifying the needs of various people.

Announced the “Spark” (Sparq) competent in the field of marketing via mobile, on its website Tuesday, from acquisition of “Yahoo” on them, without the two companies to disclose the details of the deal.

Under the deal, will join the working group has “Spark” to the company, “Yahoo”, according to a spokesman for “Yahoo”, searching the last to benefit from the technical development of the first to help the users to “jump from application to application for discovery, consumption and communication with the content,” or help them access to more content through their mobile devices.

Observers believe that the acquisition of “Yahoo” the Company “Spark” is something reasonable with the first search for a way to enable them to earn a living from behind the users on mobile devices.

It should be noted that the company “Yahoo,” and since the “Marissa Mayer,” Executive Director of the Company in July 2012, has been active in the acquisition of companies that strengthen its position in the services market mobile devices, where the company acquired recently , in order to support the platform, images and video out, to create a video application “betcha” ( Ptch ), noting that this acquisition came a day after the company announced its acquisition of “Sky Freeze” (SkyPhrase) , a U.S. company specializing in the development of emerging technologies for “natural language processing” (NLP), so as to be harnessed in the service allows the computer to receive orders directly from the user and the implementation of specific tasks.

This has been announced, “Yahoo” during the past year for a lot of acquisitions on the IT companies are small, such as the acquisition of “Luke Flo” (Lookflow) , a start-up company specializing create new ways to allow people to find, explore, collect, and share the content that they care about, as announced before the acquisition of the company’s emerging “mail” (Bread) , competent in the field of providing publishers across the social networking tools that allow them to earn a living from it.

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