XIMEX Phone Dealers Hit Hard Times

Even the toughest dealers in the country can feel it!The prevailing crisis has seen most business folding hands while some have downsized just to remain relevantGone are the days when hustlers would be regarded the toughest surfaces when it comes to withstanding any economic quagmire.

Ximex mall, one of the country’s biggest cell phone dealers zone plays home to not less than 500 dealers trading in various merchandise with cell phones being the biggest commodity. However, the cash crisis has not spared them as most quit the trade and moved to neighboring countries or sought other opportunities elsewhere. In an interview with TechnoMag Out and About team, a XIMEX phone trader who only identified himself as Proud said the situation is now hard owing to the cash crisis.

“The situation is tight, its like we are buying phones more than disposing. As a result, our chances of getting cash is being compromised.

“The issue of swipe machines as much as they are welcome is making life difficult for us. Most dealers with swipe machines are levying us 20% of on every transaction and customers are not willing to part with additional costs,” he said.

Proud went on to say that most budding dealers have left the country as they could not stand the heat at the XIMEX base as the things are getting tight everyday.

These days making $30 in a single day is huge breakthrough. If anything, people are just coming to dump of sell their phones here more than they are buying so you can imagine the times we are going through.

The place plays host to even University First class degree graduates who failed to find fomarl employment anywhere owing to the economic challenges and the rising nepotism in organizations.

A walk around the once busy XIMEX area today resembles a picture of things gone as only a few seem to be making a decent living from their trade.

To hedge themselves from the current economic quagmire, many have diversified into other trades such as selling clothes, food and at times dangerous illicit drugs.


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