Would You Love To Change Your Network and Still Keep Your Number?

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Imagine keeping your Econet, Telecel or Netone number while you migrate to another network provider of choice.

This is not a fantasy, it’s real and has been happening in most developed countries. In UK and USA this was implemented years ago and just recently in Nigeria, the same system took off.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Monday launched Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across Nigeria’s GSM networks.

According to the report, all four GSM operators in Nigeria said they were prepared for the portability launch.

It is rather unfair and unreasonable to confine subscribers to a network simply because they want to protect their phone numbers they have already shared with associates and friends.

Such is the only reason why some networks in Zimbabwe are thriving and should subscribers be allowed to switch as they wish then honestly we will be able to tell the biggest network by people`s choice.


This hampers the growth of Technology in Zimbabwe among other factors

Personally I have never changed my number/s for the past 9 nine years and I’m not even thinking about doing so anytime  soon, the inconvenience is detrimental and I would rather stick to what I chose years back, and when I feel a certain promotion is a bit too good not to ignore, I buy the mobile line.

credit Nehandaradio

credit Nehandaradio

Apparently its now possible to just buy a $1 mobile in Zimbabwe do what you want to, and probably forget to remember where you toss it the next minute after.

something practically unthinkable few years back

It is unfair competition when some mobile operators grow bigger because subscribers are confined to one network simply because they are preserving their mobile number.

It is the duty of the National  regulator,   Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Potraz to make sure that the playing field is level and the customers too are protected from such practices.


The Nigerian commission recently announced that subscribers would be allowed to change to any network provider of choice but only once in three months. This may be debatable but I feel at least they have recognised the need to make the subscribers choose what suits them best.

In our case, this would simply mean your 07xx number has nothing to do with your network, it is now been set free to work on any platform you feel is of benefit to you and the moment you feel the service provider is slacking, well just change the channel.

Among other issues , Potraz will need to crack whip and enforce the sharing of infrastructure amongst all the players, surely in this day and age Zimbabwe Is one of the few countries where you hear network providers boast of their network coverage.

100% network coverage has to be a must with all players sharing the same base stations and Potraz could be the same culprit as it has not made much base stations available for the players, when Econet meets all the costs to have a base station installed it would be grossly unfair to force them service provider

Seacom cable has just been repaired

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