World Reader reaches out to Zimbabwe

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

World reader,  an International Non-profit making  Organisation has reached out to the Zimbabwean populace , in an unprecedented manner,  encouraging the reading culture via technological ways.

The minister Of Sports education and Culture, Honorable David Coltart was upbeat on the introduction of the device which he shall officially launch in Bulawayo next week.

Education Minister David coltart with world reader Elizabeth Hensick Wood

Education Minister David coltart with world reader Elizabeth Hensick Wood

Speaking with the Representatives, Elizabeth Hensick Wood an  Dani Zacarias from Spain, they said they shall be bringing home, quiet an interesting opportunity for both the readers and the authors to reignite the spark in reading in a much more affordable way.

In a ground breaking move, World reader will be giving out for free, next week, Kindle books to primary school children in a rural Bulawayo school for the physically challenged.

The Amazon Kindle books tabs will come preloaded with lots of educational books for the school to give them access to books for free.

The tablet computer can carry thousands of books and talks are already underway to get the ministry of education aboard with the curriculum and on the  tablet devices which goes for up to  3weeks  without need to be recharged

“we realised that many students in rural areas have no text books to read so as world reader we are bringing books closer again to the readers via technology and e-readers technology. This  kindle tab can carry as much as 3000 books without shipping and printing costs,” said Elizabeth

World reader has already launched such programmes in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda Rwanda among other African countries.

Kindle fire tabs are simple tablets  without LCD technology, saving battery, and comes in simple black and white display which does not require any much power to be functional and brings texture which is good as standard books without any eye straining effects to the reader.

World reader is also pushing another  strategy  of publishing of books via electronic  media, we are “leveraging mobile phones to get books to the masses, as  millions of people are already on mobile phone and devices, world reader has apps and online packages accessible on the go”, said Dani.

Currently world reader has availed an opportunity for publishers to upload their books online on their application to reach out to millions of readers.

World reader has uploaded their application online on the popular BiNu platform,  a cloud based app that makes browsing online possible from any type of phone including the basic or feature phones without any need to install a third party app

Binu platform has the power to turn a smart phone into a feature phone for any app that would have required a smart phone and the world reader app is already available.




This will help push the availability of books online for benefiting the publishers with close to no operational costs against printing, packaging and transporting costs.

For any book for sale on their platform, world reader retains only 30% of the sale, with the author or publisher taking the remaining 70%

Open Books, a local group working on a platform for Zimbabwean artists to connect them on the digital platform is also closely working with the world reader team.

According to the BiNu stats 10 0000 Zimbabwean per month are already reading books via their e-reader platform and it’s a great starting point considering, e-readers are still in its infancy in Zimbabwe

The world reader app is also available on Google play store and itunes store for download.

Next week, we shall be catching up on the world reader event from Bulawayo




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