World Cup Brings Artificial Turf Technology To Life!

Turf Technology

As the world cup is shifting  into the second gear many teams are bracing themselves for the next hurdle, while many will have to up their game, others may have to shape up or ship out from the tech turf.

The biggest determinant will inevitably be the pitch and that is were turf technology comes in.

By Alan Shirichena



Nelspruit (Mbombela) and Polokwane (Peter Mokaba) stadiums tried hybrid pitches in the 2010 South Africa World Cup, the first time in the competition’s history. The two stadiums hosted four group matches.

The Desso GrassMaster system was installed at the stadiums in Nelspruit (Mbombela) and Polokwane (Peter Mokaba).

Brazil 2014 however will have only one hybrid pitch, that is the Arena Corinthians, São Paulo where the England v Uruguay game will be played. It was painstaking work that commenced in November 2013 as over 20 million plastic fibres were injected into the soil at a depth of 20cm.

TurfThe end result being a field made up of a intertwining polyethylene fibres and natural grass blades that are 4% plastic and 96% as-nature-intended. The work undertaken being similar to that used in the carpet industry.How will the teams that play on this turf perform by comparison to those that play on natural grass, only time will tell?


Technology at its best.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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