Windows Phone Camera Introduces 3D Reconstruction

By Tongai Mwenje

Microsoft Research is working on a technology which will scan faces using a regular Windows Phone camera, and print high quality 3D images using a 3D printer. The method of turning physical objects into 3D models is called 3D Reconstruction, and Microsoft is using the Skynet UI to make the whole process a lot easier for consumers.

Credit : ubergizmo

The folks over at Microsoft Research have certainly been working hard to make sure that the future is something that is well worth looking into – so much so that they intend to figure out a method that relies on a regular Windows Phone camera in order to scan one’s face in full 3D goodness, giving one the option to print out a high quality image using a 3D printer afterwards. This particular process is known as 3D Reconstruction, where it deals with transforming physical objects into 3D models, and the Skynet UI (User Interface) is meant to make the entire process a whole lot easier for regular consumers to use.

One would capture a 360 degree photo of a face, where the camera’s program will then provide you with the relevant cues as to when and where you ought to make a move, which is somewhat similar to how the panorama photograph ability functions when it comes to most of the other smartphone platforms in this day and age.

Once you have scanned a subject’s face, you will be able to move it around on the screen, where it ensures the 3D representation would be maintained. Hooking it up to the 3D printer would then enable one to produce a 3D model of a person’s face. One might not find much use when it comes to face scanning at the moment, but who knows how handy it might be in the future?

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