Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7 in Zim


Microsoft OS Windows 10 is increasingly gaining more popularity than Windows 7 in Zimbabwe with the former overtaking the latter, independent web analytics company, Statcounter observed.

Its research arm Statcounter Global Stats states that Windows 10 reached 42, 92 percent in terms of Desktop Windows Version Market Share in Zimbabwe compared to 38, 07 for Windows 7. 

About13 percent of Zimbabweans use Windows 8.1 followed by 4 percent using Windows 8. There are some Zimbabweans who are still hung up to Windows XP but the figure is nominal as 1, 68 percent are still this OS. Virtually no Zimbabwean is still using Windows Vista with 0, 13 has it in their machines.

Globally, Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system, overtook Windows 7 for the first time  in January

Statcounter finds that Windows 10 reached 42.78% in terms of worldwide internet usage compared to 41.86% for Windows 7.

“Windows 10 was launched at the end of July 2015 and Microsoft will be pleased to have put its Windows 8 experience behind it,” he said.

But business users are still stuck with   Windows 7 as they are using it.

“However, Windows 7 retains loyalty especially amongst business users. Microsoft will be hoping that it can replace it a lot quicker than XP, launched back in August 2001, which only fell below 5% usage worldwide in June of 2017,”  added Cullen.


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