Will Self-cleaning Vehicles Kill Car Washing

Technology has gone an exciting mile as a  self cleaning car has now been prototyped  , promptly getting us to think, will this this kill the car washing business? Let alone, completely relieve  motorists from the cleaning stresses.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

According Mashables, “Nissan unveiled a new prototype on Thursday that could potentially do away with car washes.

The carmaker is experimenting with a special super-hydrophobic paint called Ultra-Ever Dry that it’s billing as “self-cleaning” for cars. It has been specially engineered to be extremely water- and oil-resistant by UltraTech International.”

So how does this work:

“By creating a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, it effectively stops standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the car’s surface,” the carmaker said in a statement.”

Nissan said that the prototype so far has been very successful and would want to introduce the product into the market.

The paint technology is likely going to be very expensive and Nissan reported that  they will not be offering it as a standard feature, but rather as an after-market product, for those who want bling at a price, the feature would be added.

Ofcourse for most Zimbabweans, the technology is likely to take years to come down here and would probably help more if it cleans inside the car too.

This is one technology the car wash industry will not be worried of, atleast yet  but like any other technology, its always expensive and complex to implement in the early years while it gradually get accessible and affordable few years down the line.






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