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Wilkins does not have sockets, adapters: Makamba


In a heart wrenching event on the death of Zororo Makamba, his relatives have revealed how the only Infectious Hospital that has been taking COVID 19 cases has no sockets.

Yes electrical sockets that are needed when a patient is in need of oxygen are nowhere to be found at the Hospital that was described as the most prepared Hospital by the Minister of Health and Child Care.

In his statement the Makamba’s spokesperson Tawanda Makamba who is also elder brother to the late Zororo said, “’His doctor made it clear earlier on that he had to be on a ventilator because he could not breathe. However, when we got at Wilkins Hospital there was no ventilator, no medication and even the oxygen would run out and they had to get it from the City of Harare.

We then brought the ventilator on Sunday by 2pm and when we got here, because the portable ventilator had an American plug, they told us to get an adapter because they only had round sockets at the hospital. I then rushed to buy an adapter and came back and they never used it and when I asked why they were not using the ventilator they said they had no sockets in his room. So they didn’t have medication, ventilators and we brought them a ventilator and they didn’t have sockets in his room. I told them that I had an extension cord and pleaded with them to use the cord, but they refused.

Tawanda added that, “We then appealed to Health minister Obadiah Moyo that since you are not prepared at Wilkins Hospital can we take him to Health Point and he refused. Minister Moyo said we could not take him there and that needed to be treated at Wilkins. We were puzzled and wondered how he could say that Zororo should be treated at Wilkins when they don’t even have plugs in his room to connect the ventilator.‘’

‘’He promised us all sorts of things that this morning (yesterday) they would definitely be a ventilator and equipment but nothing materialized. If you go inside there you will see that they are not prepared to handle cases this side.”

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