Why Whatsapp Went Down World Wide?

Yesterday around 5pm most users in Zimbabwe complained their app was down, ironically i heard  of people on Symbian who still managed to pull for some hours even after public outcries and tweets on the status.

Unfortunately, it was too much of coincidence.

Just after Facebook had bought Whatsapp for $16billion, most people speculated that this was a deliberate move to kill competition by elimination of an invincible giant which has revolutionized communication world wide.

mark sabotage

 picture source , Techcrunch

Most people were suggesting that Facebook, or Mark Zuckerberg himself is playing down his competitor in a much more subtle way.

Mark on Whatsapp switch


  picture source , Techcrunch

But whatsapp was not completely silent to quell the speculation, they posted as the events transpired.

whatsapp update1

Even after the event, they came back  to report after 210 minutes of outage

whatsapp update2

During the outage the buzz on Twitter ranged from the conspiratorial – that Facebook had really bought WhatsApp to shut it down and funnel users to Facebook Chat – to the philosophical.

Techcrunch reported:

WhatsApp started to work again for some users at 2:30pm PST after around 150 to 210 minutes of downtime. Some users reported  that “last seen” stamps vanished from their conversations when WhatsApp first came back online, but now some say they’re appearing again.

At 2:48pm PST, WhatsApp confirmed it was back up with this tweet


Around the same time, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum apparently told the Wall Street Journal via email that “we had a server outage, should be OK now.”

WhatsApp has suffered short downtimes every month or two for the last half-year. Stumbles like this are somewhat common for fast-growing apps, and users aren’t likely to permanently switch away since it was fixed relatively soon. Still, Facebook bought the startup for the astronomical sum in part because it is many people in the developing world’s first taste of the Internet. Now, their first taste of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been soured.


Way before the the Facebook acquisition whatsapp has been down too many times before, the other time it went on for the whole day with glitches and some serviceslike multi media  being disabled

whatsapp is down 1


Few months back on the 3rd of November they were down again

whatsapp is down 2


The same happened on the 15th of October

whatsapp is down 3

Whatsapp has been constantly down for too many times yet this time the noise was amplified by the latest acquisition by Facebook otherwise all this noise is nothing much but mere speculative tendencies of the human nature.

Whatsapp down too many times

Whatsapp down too many times 3

Honestly, This is nothing outside norm for one of the fastest growing communication medium in the world. Though speculation was rife, just after the $16 billion acquisition  by Facebook, this was nothing but just a mere coincidence, Facebook did not sabotage whatsapp, or is it  as yet!

whatsapp growth

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