Why TechnoMag was awfully down!


By The Editor

Yes, We were down for more than a week, but let me hasten to say we were never hacked!

TechnoMag was not under any attacks as some rumors are being peddled, but we were down simply because we actually chose to be down. It was a tough decision, but a necessary one!

TechnoMag changed hosting servers and during that strenuous process we were down!

The message which was being displayed clearly showed that we had used up our allocated bandwidth.



Well this had happened  apparently 3 times this month (June 2013) so we had to get down to some serious talks with our web hosting company to ascertain what could have caused  the continuous bandwidth   outage.

The statistics proved that TechnoMag is currently facing its highest traffic ever since inception, not more than 6 months now.

technomag stats

We are now almost hitting a million hits per month, yes a million hits as clearly shown by our Cpanel not google analytics.


This unfortunately comes with bandwidth being chewed and we were hitting more than 60g, we failed to reach a consensus with our hosting partners  so the only option was to pack up and  leave , hence you our readers failed to get through.


If you are reading this article, you are the reason why today we have grown so huge in a short space of time.

In less than two weeks we  are already beating our all time highest  traffic ranking and the statistics prove we are still shooting high. Our greater part of traffic is coming from international countries and Zimbabwe ranks in the top 5, though fluctuating, in less than a week before we shut we  were already here

technomag hits


You have made us proud and surely made us one of the fastest growing  technology news website in Zimbabwe and as the trend keeps shooting, we are surely set to be among the top ranking websites in Zimbabwe.

This is not a marketing strategy, our results are now in the public, you now know it and Google knows it too.

Thank you our readers for your great support!

you made us proud!


Rutsito Toneo Tonderai




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