Why PayPal is Big Deal For Zimbabweans.

For the past two weeks, i was anchoring live on ZiFm Radio station, with Zororo Makamba courtesy of Telecel Zimbabwe,   discussing why the entry of PayPal is so much of a big deal and how Zimbabweans, who are mostly the  unbanked population can really benefit from this development.

Few weeks gone now, Pay Pal added their voice to the Zimbabwean market when they announced that they will be will be adding 10 more countries to the 190 listed, and Zimbabwe was among the only 4 African countries selected on the list joining the 146 million active users o Pay Pal.

Unfortunately as PayPal had already stated, this is not good news for everyone as the solution will be only be availed for Zimbabweans who want to buy from the international markets  while the local merchants will not be able to receive any payment via Pay Pal, this ofcourse creates an opportunity for local players like Paynow.

“PayPal does not yet cover peer-to-peer transactions, which allow consumers to send money to other consumers. It has not yet enabled local merchants in the new markets to receive payments, nor is it offering other forms of banking services,” said Mr  Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal .

With PayPal the big deal comes in when finally Zimbabweans are allowed to buy or pay for almost any service online, as we join the global village.Paypal cponfirmed on Zim

For the first time in history, we can now simply achieve daily tasks and here are my top five tasks   i have been empowered to by PayPal

Activating your Whatsapp,instead of you being worried about downloading a new version every year or being worried about the expiry lasting forever, for only $1 via PayPal your worries are settled.

Legitimate Software can finally start to see  the faces of our desktops, some of the highly pirated software in the world in Nigeria and Zimbabwe may have been fuelled by no means of payment since they are really very useful yet affordable.

Google play or iTunes, are certainly the best places for most Zimbabweans and by design we were forced to only land on the free category, even that cool app for99cents can now be simply redeemed.

Skype calls by all means remain the cheapest way to call any phone number locally or internationally via the Internet Protocol based system, buying Skype credit has finally become a reality.

Webhosting service is one area where Zimbabweans have been taken for granted , offered poor services, subject to day light robbery and pathetic customer service support which i shall dwell into later. This service is actually affordable for not more that $7 getting premium services.

While most people easily get confused by the difference between PayPal and our bank Mater/Visa Cards,  PayPal is only a gateway which will still need your cards to work. Unfortunately for most websites and service providers, they do not take payments directly from these cards but collect only via Pay Pal and other gateways.

For Zimbabweans, our bank cards were not recognised by Pay Pal meaning nomatter how cheap or how much you had in your account, Zimbabwean based bank accounts were still not able to pay for anything online as the international gateways were not recognising us before.

To have a master card or visa card, anyone can simply walk into any bank and have it separately opened for you whether or not you are an account holder of that bank. For those already having an account , it will come in as an extra service by merely applying for it costing not more than $5 extra with no extra monthly fees except usage on transactions.

The entry of Pay Pal into Zimbabwe comes as a major milestone, finally allowing every Zimbabwean the equal opportunity.

Nicole Madziwa

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