Why NetOne CEO Muchenje Is Right & Wrong

Last week the nation woke up to rather shocking news, just a day before elections, as NetOne fired 9 of its top executive, a move which then turned into drama, as the board swiftly swept in to reverse the decision.
We have already highlighted the errors made during such a process, but we cant be blind to the flip side of the same coin, for surely , there was a cause of the move, which also had its own merits.
By Toneo T Rutsito

If NetOne fails to meet its targets and revenue begins the slump, the noose will be on Muchenje’s neck, and as expected, we will have amnesia that the board forced him to work with executives he did not have confidence in.

If a CEO chooses to work with what he calls deadwood and fails to deliver, he must be shown the exit door first, well the reverse of the same statement is true and its everyone’s guess that Muchenje is not confident with the current executive and wants to prove otherwise.
Coming from a corporate world, Muchenje probably has envisioned his own dream team to deliver at NetOne, with his own expectations as the chief executive.
We once highlited his new system of contract renewal on competency, to make sure he retains only the best in his team, while keeping the post open for any internal or external competitor, should the contract expire.
Muchenje however has a real challenge, as his ways of running the company , will be greatly frustrated, with the protocol procedures of running a parastatal. Zimbabwean state owned entities can not be driven the same way private companies are run.
Every big decision will need board approval, the minister also has to be in light, but as we said when he joined NetOne, he should always remember that this is an entity with political interest, and these interests at times may be protected more than the company interests.
Frustation and disspointment will likely dogg him if he will continue at the helm of the mobile network.
Sooner or later, he may have to fix the mess or come to terms that he is in a wrong field altogether, as bending the rules will be tantamount to takingĀ  a whole titanic ship on a sharp U-Turn.

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