WhatsApp Update Will Delete Sent Messages, Change Font Easily. 

The first feature is changing of fonts into italic, and bold as well as striking it through. In the past, you had to change put asterisks to make words bold now all you have to do is highlight the text then a small menu will give you the option of changing the font.

Also as a bonus feature, the menu will let you translate words as well as look them up in a dictionary without leaving the conversation. It seems that you will need to have a dictionary app installed in your phone to tap into the word search option.

The second feature is the most exciting, it will let you revoke sent texts before the receipt reads them or within 5 minutes. This will be done by a new “unsend button” that will be part of this upcoming update.This feature has been rumored many times before but it is still to see the light of day. This time round, it has been said that it will only be accessible through WhatsApp Web initially but will most like trickle down to other platforms with time. The feature has also been improved to let you edit a sent text before the other person reads it.

We have all been in a situation where we have sent a message with a typo or sent to the wrong recipient, this revoke feature will be a very welcome addition to the beloved chat app.

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