WhatsApp Introduces "Unread" Feature


WhatsApp has given a solution for a problem of forgeting to read messages, in a new update which is currently available only on android WhatsApp has given a new feature which gives you the functionality of marking an unread message

By simply tapping and pressing the conversation on WhatsApp, this automatically marks the conversation with a green highlighted colour status as a notification of an “unread” message. The users have been given control of being able to mute a conversation with another user for 8 hours , week and one year.

WhatsApp has also given control of tones, vibrations and notification types for the users which was not possible for individual contact. WhatsApp is slowly making great changes that increase communication and organise users chats to make it entertaining and “ADDICTIVE” if i may say.

WhatsApp has also taken into consideration a very important aspect of having to manage the use of data by having an option of low data usage on voice calls . For Zimbabweans this is definitely good news because WhatsApp users will be able to call and save data bundles.

Since Whatsapp was purchased for 22 billion by Facebook, there are are a lot of changes taking place for the better on the application . From the blue double tick as a “read” indication, to the green highlight when you haven’t read and you want to read too.

The update can currently only be downloaded manually.

Onwell Matienga

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