WhatsApp Brings Back Text Status Feature

JUST when most Zimbabweans were crying foul over the new WhatsApp status feature which had thrown the old text based status update, the Facebook owned company might redeem itself with the Tagline feature.

With WhatsApp recently rolling out its ‘visual and pictorial’ status feature, this mod was met with a cold reception in most parts of the world.

Feeling the heat from the disgruntled users, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature called Tagline.

According to a Twitter user WABetaInfo, a tipster about the application’s latest developments spotted this on the beta version on iPhone, and beta version 2.17.82 on Windows Phone. The tipster has also said that Tagline feature will also make its way to Android. Importantly, the feature is hidden as of now and there is a possibility that it might or might not make it to the app eventually.

WABetaInfo’s leak on Tagline feature


WhatsApp Tagline

Users will get privacy settings for Tagline feature. Tagline feature currently hidden in beta version of app will not replace the newly-introduced status feature.

According to WABetaInfo , with the return of the old text statuses guised as Tagline  users appear to be able to put up a message with text and emojis on their profile.

The leaked WhatsApp beta screenshots do not indicate that there will be any major changes to the text status feature from before but it will seemingly exist alongside the new Status feature that allows users to post a small video or an image as their temporary status for duration of 24 hours. The leaked images further suggest that users will be provided with privacy settings – introduced with the new Status feature – for the Tagline feature as well.

Considering that several users were left disappointed as their WhatsApp text statuses got replaced, the Tagline feature will be a welcome addition to the app. However, it might have been simpler for the company to just leave text statuses in their old form and introduce the new Stories-like status feature with a new name (food for thought maybe).

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