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WhatsApp bans users in groups with suspicious names

Some Whatsapp users have been banned from using the private message application for being part of groups with suspicious names TechnoMag has learnt.

This development has left many frustrated and with no one to complain to. When one is banned and they get the notification from Whatsapp that they have been banned they cannot reply again to Whatsapp after that. This then means that one can be forced to change the number that they were using for Whatsapp losing their chat history and even their media and documents.

One university student has said that he was a participant in his university’s WhatsApp group and one of his fellow members changed the groups’ name to reference an illegal activity. Soon after, all the groups members were banned.

Since WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, others predict that the platform uses an automated system to detect controversial or suspicious activity – without actually understanding a specific groups’ chat content. It does this by assessing the group date creation, group subject and even the group description.

This can all be avoided when one makes use of the group’s restriction feature whereby administrators of the group can restrict who can make changes to the group information. But this is still not a guarantee as those who have been given the power can still change the group name to suspicious name putting all the group members at risk of being banned

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