#MondayBlues: What's Next For NetOne?


NetOne has obviously become a victim of internal politicking at highest state level. The focus has been drawn to minor issues at the expense of the major. Unfortunately, personal differences and agendas have been getting high priorities.
The infighting has cost the scalp of the Lazaraus Muchenje, the onlly performing CEO, and we have made it expressly clear that this needs to see the board and the executive find each other in the interest of the organisation, otherwise the axe must be yielded.
Lest we forget, this is the same tactic that was used to let go Reward Kangai, though the reasons remain flimsy, a wrong precedent was set.

The biggest loser in this battle must not be the customer, firing of all  the 9 executives has an obvious impact on the mobile   network which in turn affects operation and the customer, who really does not care and mustn’t.

By Toneo Rutsito
I strongly believe that the executives which were shown the exit doors must have learnt a lesson or two, as it had already dawned on them that incompetence or sleeping on the job has serious repercussions.
Them being recalled back to work is a heavenly lifeline they must treasure and a good moment to reflect and up their game, hence reversing this move will be nothing short of drama, which really does not benefit anyone.
I clearly think Muchenje must still be given back his mandate, as his contract clearly states he has a fresh 5 year mandate, which he already had proved to be doing well as revenues began to grow, and growing his team as well is part of the mandate.
The mobile network has received serious funding and now capacitated with base stations, which they must reflect better in their books as there is not any  huge difference, comparing the revenue generated against  the the actual capital investment, much can be  done.
Figures only started to rise after Muchenje era, and yes to whom much is given, much is still required!
Should a new mobile player be introduced into Zimbabwe, surely all these mobile players will be left in the dust, our network coverage and service provision still needs serious optimization, where service providers must boast quality delivery.
Zimbabwe mobile networks are all enjoying less than 40% data usage with millions still stuck with feature phones to do basic telephony services which is a strong discouragement when we compare with our neighbors or Kenya which is enjoying more than 85% data penetration while Zimbabwe is celebrating  less than 50%.
NetOne has received enough capital investment and the team needs to put the focus on the ball to deliver a world class experience for their subscribers if at all we are going to develop as a nation.
We cant allow Econet as a single player to take over so much chunk of market share, worse off when they are already driving  the biggest chunk of the nation’s GDP.

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