#WhatIs? What is GBWhatsapp?

Last week on our #What Is? we shed light on light on what  Whatsapp Plus is detailing its features while leaving people with the decision of switching to the app or sticking to the original WhatsApp.

On applications that share other applications  namely ShareIt, or C-Share the inter-exchange has been. We have seen applications such as GBWhatsApp  being shared making it the most trending app in Zimbabwe.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

Although it is similar to WhatsApp Plus for similar features, GBWhatsApp is more superior. Here is why.

What Is GBWhatsApp ?

GBWhatsApp is an alternative version of the WhatsApp Plus, more of a modification to it. This application can run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously when using its latest version 2.12.170.

This application is compatible on most Android devices

While the official version of WhatsApp has its limits, GBWhatsApp has more emojis. The emojis on GBWhatsApp  are more pictorial as they have kind of real images that users can relate to.


A lot of useful features that makes GBWhatsApp a must have app.

With this version of the popular application, one can counter statistics for groups statistics like the number of messages one has sent in the group. With the data rates in Zimbabwe being one of the highest in Africa one can simply opt for an alternative so as to have their data and credit does not go to the wind when viewing media.

GBWhatsApp has features which go beyond WhatsApp regular features, GBWhatsApp can perform tricks which can be useful to make the conversation more attractive and engaging.

Not every whatsApp user has knowledge of GBWhatsApp, which makes the applications even more special since we can add tricks to the conversation that no official WhatsApp user can perform.

The good part of the GBWhatsApp is the application does not require android rooting procedure because almost any Android smartphone can run GBWhatsApp. This is an advantage to those who have the intention to root the device for a single android application.

There are times when the 139 character limit on WhatsApp limits what one want to express on a status. With GBWhatsApp it has added 101 more characters which makes them 240 for users to fully say what they want to say.

Some want to broadcast their newsletters and other notifications to clients or even friends and this has been made easier with GBWhatsApp as users broadcast over 600 + WhatsApp users whereas on official WhatsApp, one can only broadcast around 250 WhatsApp users.

GBWhatsApp can hide one’s last seen but that doesn’t affect finding other users’ last seen or last activity time.

This makes it perfect as compared to the ordinary WhatsApp where as one can not see his or her contact’s last seen if theirs is hidden.

With the recent selfie craze that has hit almost the whole world then GBWhatsApp is for you.

The app gets time-to-time updates to ensure you are updated with latest features.

Want to see someone’s last seen without going online? Well, this is not possible if you are using WhatsApp but with GBWhatsApp a user can see anyone’s last seen from their lock screen itself without even changing their own last seen all I mean is without even going online! Now this is something incredible!

Unlike WhatsApp, a  GBWhatsApp user can even hide their last seen to some specific contacts, . They do not have to hide their last seen from everyone. One can just hide it from the people whom they feel are nagging them like friends and partners.

When one has mood swings or is irritated with numerous WhatsApp Calls, GBWhatsApp allows users to disables such annoying callers. This  feature enables customers to customise a call list to avoid these maddening callers.


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