What is Defragmentation

It might sound useless to you but it’s important therefore best for you to know what this is and why is it so dear as I claim.

Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or a storage device) so it will work more efficiently.

By Stephen Denga

The question in your mind right now is what is the fragmentation that you will be defragmenting.

Microsoft help describe fragmentation as an activity which happens to a volume over time as you save, change, or delete files.

Moreover when you delete files and programs, they are not really deleted from the disc. What is actually deleted is a pointer in the file system which tells Windows where your file is located on the hard drive.

Once that pointer is deleted, then as far as Windows is concerned, the file no longer exists. So the next time Windows wants to write more files to the hard drive, it will consider the space occupied by that file as empty, and may write new information over it.

This can lead to parts of files being written to separate areas on your hard drive. When the file is written to random areas all over your hard drive, then it increases the time it takes Windows to access the file slowing down your computer.

This is because the read/write head must be moved to several places on the hard drive before the entire file can be accessed.

However the system has a function called disk defragmenter which rearranges the data on your volume and reunites fragmented data to form contiguous files so your computer can run more efficiently.

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