What Exactly Happened to Baba Jukwa`s Page


For almost three weeks now, we have hit a brick wall in trying to find out what really happened to Zimbabwe`s biggest Facebook Page, Baba Jukwa, which breathed its last with close to half a million followers.

The actual URL or Facebook address to the page, is no longer leading anywhere; in fact, it’s landing to Facebook official help page.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Of course, I once ran a series on whether Baba Jukwa was really unmasked, then the technical aspect on how easy or difficult it could be to unmask him, before finally stating why he was unmasked at such a time.

Did Baba Jukwa finally called it quits and delete his own Page?

After the arrest of the suspected faces behind the Page, did the Zimbabwean law enforcers finally get control of the Page and close it?

Or maybe Facebook got wind of the situation and simply decided to close the Page.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell who really closed, banned or deleted the Facebook Page, while there are obvious possibilities too.

A few months back, as we trailed the issue, it was very obvious that the email account which was associated to the logins, was compromised, leading to hundreds of personal conversations leaking to state security agents.

We, however, argued that this still was a very different case from the real Facebook Page which was still posting anti-Zanu PF propaganda.

Option 1

The Facebook Page still remained active as it works independently from the Gmail account, while it became too obvious that the information in the Gmail account was associated to the Facebook page, it becomes much easier to even take control of the Facebook page by resetting password, as Facebook will send one a new password reset only via the associated email.

In that case, it’s possible that the law enforcing agents are, or were now in full control of the Page, even months before we were told the Gmail was compromised.
If that’s the case, well, then the real Baba Jukwa ceased to post months ago, and all this time, the law enforcing agents were actually posting as Baba Jukwa.
Option 2.

Well, it’s possible that may be after realizing that the Gmail account associated to the Page was under attack or vulnerable, the Baba Jukwa administrator may have changed the email associated to the Page and all the state agents have is the Gmail account.
Option 3

Facebook Pages can have multi-administrators, but with various rights. Even if the main account was taken over, the real control is only limited to the administrative privilege the user has. Only an administrator can add or block users.
In this case, whoever had the administrator rights had the right to ban, delete or remove the page from Facebook
With my experience with Facebook administration, only the person who opens the page will have the admin rights, all other users will be editors or moderators, especially for such a page like Baba Jukwa it would not make sense to have admin powers spread across all those managing the page.

Option 4

Facebook reserves the right to close ban or delete any page. Even when you feel a certain Facebook page is violating your rights, or culture, all you need to simply do is to hit the “ban the Facebook page” button.

When Facebook sees numerous requests to ban a Facebook page, it’s prompted to look into the issue and communication will be initiated with the administrator and in many cases, most Facebook pages are simply closed that way.

Apparently, Baba Jukwa seems to still have a real inactive twitter account, efforts to communicate with the account were fruitless as we did not get any answer from the handle.

As for now, this marks the death of Baba Jukwa, at least his Facebook Page, all other Pages which are now online are nothing but mere imposters, the real Baba Jukwa is gone and no more.

Nicole Madziwa

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