“We were Never Down” says ZOL

[headlines headline=”h3″ ]As a matter of Fact, TechnoMag would like to apologise for our last publication when we refereed a ZOL insider,  as an ZOL official confirming that ZOL was facing intermittent connectivity issues  which lasted for about a whole week.[/headlines]

We had earlier reported  in an article titled  “ZOL subscribers Complain of Intermittent Connectivity” that a ZOL official had confirmed that there was a system glitch with the bandwidth propagation affecting all ZOL clients on the Wimax platform.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito.

Infact it was not a ZOL official who confirmed the position but simply an insider who for professional reasons could not be named.

We deeply regret the inconvenience the statement may have caused.

When we sought ZOL for official comment on the matter, the Commercial Officer Mr Chrispen Chisvo simply said “WE Were Never down”.

The ZOL official could not be drawn to further comment but only said that some customers were facing bandwidth issues not all the ZOL customers as we had earlier on reported.

However, a test on the platform and all other customers who had earlier written and tweeted to us have confirmed that the service is now up and running .ZOL speedf test 2

Our ZOL wimax platform too picked up back to normal few days after the report. We are now weeks inside uninterrupted service and all systems are now functional.

speedtest server 1

We are now  back to SpeedySurfingUnlimitedDownoading

Nicole Madziwa

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