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We Need Digital Battalions Says Muswere


ICT Minister Hon Dr Jenfan Muswere has said Zimbabwe needs digital battalions and must aggressively fight cyber related crimes.

Speaking to TechnoMag on the sidelines of the Potraz 2021 hackathon challenge held in the city of Kwekwe recently, the minister said we needed digital warriors to fight for Zimbabwe.

“We want a battallion of ict experts,we want brigades of ict experts and we also want an army of young people,an army of academic and non academic ict experts ”

Muswere cited, ”So that they can contribute to the fourth industrial revolution to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes the number 1 ICT country in terms of access, utilisation, industry growth and governance.”

Minister Muswere’s sentiment comes as the country is currently implementing a raft of measures to promote the use of ICTs in the country.

Dr Muswere said, ”What we have just witnessed is the opening and closing of the 2021 hackathon competition.”

He added ”The competition was focusing on two things, Number one focusing on how best we can improve our agriculture in terms of output,

”Secondly focusing on covid 19 pandemic as you are aware that a digital economy is a priority for us as a country,”

POTRAZ held the hackathon aimed at proffering solutions to the low yield using ICT related technology

The hackathon is an initiative by the telecoms regulator to bring new innovation to the fore.

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