We Breathe Gaming, Says Mystic East

After posing the first question, a chilled Lawrence Mashingaidze broadly smiled before simply saying , “Here at Mystic East, gaming has been our oxygen for the past eight years and we intend to take it to a higher level as technology advances.

Mystic east can be described as one of the prime gaming hubs in Harare and exclusively in the CBD. Having first opened its door in 2008, mystic is located in the main post office area and together with the internet cafe located in the area, they have become a crowd puller.

By David Zvina

Mystic east is one the the few registered gaming companies that provide modern day  accessories such as play stations ( 1,2,3 and also the new PlayStation 4, Xbox ( all types ). The start-up also provides instant gaming facilities where one can pop in and enjoy an instant game like the new FIFA 17.

“Our main customers are mainly the young school goers and youths are usually who are into the gaming frenzy. Most of these people usually come here seeking current games for their pc as well as for their leisure at home and even during lunch hour,” said Mashingaidze.

Customer enjoying the new Fifa 17

Customer enjoying the new Fifa 17

According to Lawrence, gaming has improved much since he ventured into the industry eight years ago.

“When we started, you could not provide an online gaming site but now its very possible and even an effective way of providing gaming to anyone anywhere. He illustrated that it was his own way of indigenising as well as empowering himself. I grew up in a family where one had to find his true passion and act upon it and for me, gaming was mine.”

The continued evaluation of technology has helped the gaming society as new advanced games have provided absolute thrill and a massive gaming experience that captures the heart and minds of the young generation.

Lawrence later noted at the end of the interview that he hopes to move along with the modern technology and he illustrated that  he definitely hopes to bring more modern games and latest gaming accessories to his customers.

Gaming has helped provide a better life for Lawrence to the extent that he even got married to his beautiful wife Tapiwa Ndoro, using the money he had earned from his gaming business.

“Before the current economic crisis i could earn up to US$60 per day but the current economic crisis has slowed our business down,” he said.

So if u ever think you are short of ideas on how to empower yourself, just remember gaming can  be your savior and definitely your own way of achieving a better life.

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