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“We Are Ready To Support Online Creators” Machengete


The Postal and Telecommunications  Regulatory Authority  of Zimbabwe (Potraz) Director  General DR Gift Kalisto Machengete has said that they are ready to support and work with professional ethical content creators in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in his  key opening address in Kadoma during the Potraz -ZOCC engagement meeting, the Director General said that they wanted to see how  best they can leverage on the  existing Community Information Centre  (CIC) working with Zimbabwe Online Content Creators (ZOCC)  members to afford Zimbabweans high quality content.

We are all gathered here to see how best we can leverage on the artistic prowess of content creators to create and disseminate local content which benefits our communities – content which contributes meaningfully to national development starting with the grassroots – content which promotes government’s devolution agenda – content which creates employment and contributes to the digital economy.

Said Machengete

We are all gathered here to strategise on how best we can convert Community Information Centres into hubs for such progressive local content,

he added.

Machengete said that the workshop will touch on the advantages of local content in local languages and Government’s expectations in terms of local content for Community Information Centres, Community Networks, Schools and other facilities where Internet can be accessed.

Obvious advantages of local content are inclusivity in the use of the Internet and employment creation for local content creators.

In his address Machengete also nudged the content creators to seriously consider making use of local servers to tame local content for high  quality inbound traffic and less exportation of data

Local content creation brings about new opportunities for local content  hosting and  creating  local internet  traffic.  We ought to replace google  servers with local servers as we move towards the hosting of local content locally. We have so much good content created by Zimbabweans with millions  of hits,  but all this content is  hosted internationally, yet there is provision to do so locally.”

The workshop will also decipher the Cyber and Data Protection Act in the context of local content creation. In so doing the workshop will be enlightened on the need for child and society friendly content.

Furthermore, Machengete said that  it was necessary to discuss how content may affect mental health. Some content can be tantamount to cyber bullying while some can amount to peer pressure which may even lead to suicide.




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