Was Baba Jukwa Really Unmasked, The missing Pieces Part 2


Yesterday I had posed questions on the news doing rounds that baba Jukwa has been unmasked, a story first broken by NewZimbabwe.com, before all other media houses rubber stamped the source.

From my previous insert, I questioned the sense behind any trained national security agents to track down someone  “with the help of Hackers”, after finally working for over one year with the incriminating evidence, the intelligence officers and skilled hackers finally dump it all on YouTube and Google docs, which are American controlled servers.

This clearly leaves a lot to be desired!

Which National security policy would advocate for such a route. Surely after evidence gathering, prosecutions and arrests should take over not some online shows with Google dumps.


Why is the NewZimbabwe.com too close to the evidence.

Does this not bother anyone who cares why a private media like new Zimbabwe would have exclusivity to such a story.

Lets say you are the hacker, after finding such information, whom would you first give? Newzimbabwe?  Certainly NOT.  So what are we missing here.

The hacker/s here were definitely out to expose. What is not clear here is who is being exposed in all this? Is it really the young journalists, or maybe the Zimbabwean editor Mr Mbanga, or maybe subtly it’s just opening a can of worms before the real target here is exposed.

Before I even dwelve in that one, its obvious in this matter, the hacker is working against Baba Jukwa, common sense should then tell you that the hacker is completely against the agenda but why will such a hacker simply give Newzimbabwe a privately owned online  media house, which in it past years has been demonising the government? Ironic isn’t it.


By merely looking at the baba Jukwa YouTube account, it is no doubt the account was opened in 2013. Strange enough nothing was ever posted by the account only till last week. The question is why?

This youtube  account was not created to expose Baba Jukwa, infact it impersonates him but calling itself the real Baba Jukwa.

baba jukwa

Besides that irrelevant mistake, as a normal hacking tendency the name was not supposed to be in that soft tone unless it simply meant that the “real baba Jukwa exposed.” Otherwise when this account was created more than a year ago, the account was made for other puroposes not to expose.

The BIG Question

If the you tube account was really opened in 2013, when baba jukwa was hot property, would it not be wise to have exposed him them than now, He is actually dying a natural death of irrelevance, why bother the nation now not then.

you tube opened

Possibility 1

Its possible that whosoever had been holding “this evidence” after a hacking attempt may have tried to sell it but there were no buyers. After frustration the hacker had no option but to dump the “evidence”

Possibility 2

It could have been agents working with hackers, hoping for a regime change so they kept the evidence and had an understanding with baba Jukwa to hang on only to be rewarded later maybe in the “new government” so the hackers here are also part of the disgruntled Baba Jukwas who should be arrested for working together with him.

Possibility 3

This is nothing but a Hoax. We all do it here and there. Anyone who can pull some pranks will do so and enjoy watching the world get confused over nothing. Remember the Y2k bug, it was later only learnt to be so much noise over nothing but we all know the truth, someone was trying to make a killing hence creating a need only he can supply.

Creative people can imagine beyond the normal

The video can be a mischievous release only to divert people on the real issues. Crating new hypes in society is a master work of smart hackers.

Why the Video can be fake

So far there is not any other evidence except of that video. The people incriminated are already said to be pressing lawsuits against the newspapers for publishing “falsehoods” and refused to give them the right to respond. If its all in the video and Google docs dumps who really created it?

a)      Hackers love signatures, why not this one


Hacking is art, after a “beautiful work” , you should seek recognition.

When hackers hit the jackpot they traditionally leave a signature. This is just a hackers culture no real hacker would unmask such a candidate like Baba jukwa  and remain anonymous, he knows he has created a CV and tomorrow he needs to build it for recognition, a pseudo here would have done the tick.

At least a signature like the anonymous!

Kevin Poulson Using the name “Dark Dante”, Stephen Wozniak Best known as an Apple Computer founder, Loyd Blankenship Known as one of the hacker elite, Masters Of Deception, An elite hacking group, the MOD, Mark Abene as “Phiber Optik. David L. Smith, Smith is known for writing the infamous Melissa virus etc the list is long

Signatures are not trails, they are just certifying stamps so who is this silent  one?



The real Baba Facebook  page is still live and functional. Whether or not the evidence incriminates the page, well the truth is the Facebook page, which is the real Baba Jukwa is still alive.

Baba Jukwa still posting

So why are we talking about the Gmail account

It can be true that Baba Jukwa was really unmasked using his email address communication, unfortunately this does not stop the functionality of the facebook page.

Its possible that the Gmail communications could be real, but these are dispensable, facebook account can still work separately , while the missing clue goes bigger , the Gmail account used here is NOT linked to the Facebook account

Why was the gmail Account not Linked to the Facebook account.

For any hacker, after picking a Gmail account like that one, by merely trying to log onto Facebook with wrong passwords, you will be prompted to reset your password, this will automatically hang your facebook account , Locking out the real user and gives all access to the hacker.

In this case, the smart hackers have nothing really to show about Facebook its possible  that the facebook email address used to run baba Jukwa is not the one busted here. Thus said then the gmail address is pretty useless (probably that’s why the  hacker dumped it on Google servers.

If these guys had a separate communication account, they were smart. If they could be this smart not to link the gmail account to the facebook, could they be really Stupid to link their own emails as reported.?

The mystery

If baba Jukwa was really exposed on the 9th of May 2014 according to the video, Who then tipped NewZimbabwe immediately only 1 day after, if not the same day as they uploaded their story at midnight , the same day the video was posted.

Were the hackers so close to NewZimbabwe and only gave them the evidence. Why would the hackers trust a private media house with information potentially destructive to the opposition.

How come the hackers who are anti Baba Jukwa did not prefer the Herald, or Sunday, but rather favoured and trusted Newzimbabwe.

Forget the diversion who is the real target and who is targeting., Did yo know anyone can send an email from anyone`s email address name….

Watch out for part 3

To be continued……

Nicole Madziwa

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