Was Baba Jukwa Really Unmasked? A Technical Approach


[headlines headline=”h3″ ]Disclaimer, I’m not an intelligence officer, neither am I senior Information Security expert but by merely going over the Baba Jukwa unmasked story,in the Newzimbabwe.com  there are many questions than answers  behind the story. [/headlines]

Baba jukwa is  commonly known as the Facebook face of a “disgruntled Zanu Pf Insider”,  he is the mole behind  the expose` of the inner secrets who to date has/have managed to draw close to half a million followers on Facebook, with a current 405 000 followers.

So one of the top three most read website in Zimbabwe, according to alexa the Newzimbabwe.com apparently a private owned newspaper has broken news that Baba Jukwa has been unmasked, leading the state owned Weekend paper, the Sunday mail to also lead with the story, a day after.


Mmm, this is a very interesting and sensitive mater on its own, it involves only highly experienced #InfoSec personnel to comment on such issues, unfortunately to date we have heard “Nothing But Noise” based on evidence which can be fictional.

So the real big question here is has Baba Jukwa really been unmasked. The truth is Yes and No.

It could be true that the identity behind the online character has been unmasked. If the emails captured in this video footage are anything, well the evidence is clear.

The evidence so far leads to the pair identified as South Africa based Mxolisi Ncube and Mkhululi Chimoio  his partner Sahwira wababa jukwa,  a journalist by profession, and an ex Zimbabwean  cop who was  once a scribe for the Police`s Post. He has now turned himself into a political/human rights activists plus asylum seeker in South Africa while now  writing for The Zimbabwean, a  newspaper pushing for a regime change agenda.

Well basic check, can this  young unfortunate man be the brains behind the “big brand?” Well technically, it can be true. He has the obvious journalistic skills to keep half a million glued to the page.


Obviously yes, he has the right motive to start such a page; he is no friend to the state.


Can a candidate operating from South Africa be able to have such accurate insider information? Well tricky, unless of course he has been working with some chefs to leak information. The big question then is what is the motive for the chefs, to give such information to him, either

  1. They were getting paid to leak information, but if truly this young lad was so cheap to receive $50 per article he had no capacity to pay for such “expensive Information”
  2. Maybe  he was getting the information for free, but why and how, well journalists always enjoy these privileges and exclusive rights to breaking stories, but the Baba Jukwa type has to come costly unless the mole is really inside or paying the young man to update the page.


Here is the catch, for you to run such a page, you have to be very stupid NOT to watch your back first. Facebook accounts can be opened by any anonymous address, in as much as the Gmailaccounts. Ask anyone who is learning online anonymous skills, the basic rules are “be untraceable”. At least in basic links

Why would these guys be careless to honestly have a recovery email address linking them directly to their known addresses, it takes a fool to do such a thing unless these GUYS ARE REALLY FOOLS.

Using a Gmail address in such a very sensitive exercise is another worrisome issue.  Gmail has already succumbed to hacking attacks, just but too many times and there are many other easy hacking a gmail account methods In the public domain, which by all means Gmail has been patching against, these signs should have warned the guys to play smarter.

Common Knowledge

Besides security issues with the mail platform, why would anyone really open an email account like [email protected]. This makes it very easy for any sniffers to pick up such a wanted candidate.


“The Advanced Terrorist Detection System (ATDS), is aimed at tracking down online access to abnormal content ,which may include terrorist generated sites, by analyzing the content of information accessed by the Web users”. Such systems can be used by any government to monitor anyone communicating about “baba Jukwa”, an email address will quickly trigger the system for attention.

Baba Jukwa may  fall in the “terrorist category”, his/her information can cause alarm, despondency and civil unrest.

Again only mere  fabrication can substantiate such claims unless of course THESE  ACCUSED WERE REALLY STUPID.

How I smell a rat

To refresh your memories, this story was not broken by the Sunday mail, infact it actually gives credit to the newzimbabwe.com  website, so as far as the original source here is concerned , the Newzimbabwe.com takes the honors.

But who really is the New Zimbabwe.com

 “An exiled Zimbabwean journalist who sought asylum in the UK over a decade ago before setting up the popular New Zimbabwe.com website has now been hired by the same government he fled from and will now be the editor of the state owned Chronicle newspaper in Bulawayo.” said a report.

Mduduzi Mathuthu,  the man who used to very critical of the Zimbabwean government now has the highest office with the Bulawayo based publication, but who is he?

Mduduzi Mathuthu’s Experience

November 2013 – Present (7 months) Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


The Chronicle

November 2013 – Present (7 months)


New Zimbabwe.com

June 2003 – October 2013 (10 years 5 months)


The Daily News

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Newspapers industry

June 2000 – February 2002 (1 year 9 months)

Professor Jonathan Moyo and Mduduzi Mathuthu


Could his former paper simply pick up such a HOT story, without him knowing, only to later on follow up on such a story. Mmmm tricky, remember he had 10 years of experience more than with any other publication In the news fraternity, its all about breaking the story first so what really happened here… your guess is good as mine.

If I was a hacker Would I give out such Information for FREE?

Then the biggest question which I completely failed to answer. If I honestly was the  hacker  behind unmasking one of Zimbabwe`s most wanted, would I then just  think of splashing all the evidence online with all the dumps in the public domain?

Would it not be prudent to atleast sell my hard work for a handsome payment, Definitely this is incriminating evidence that  our government would want, Baba Jukwa under our constitution has leaked  illegal  and confidential information, the allegations are serious, this will demand prosecution not NAME and SHAME tactics.

How GOOD are these “Hackers”

Well the hackers in the video really seem  to be obviously tech savvy pointing out all the basics and wisely managed to only show us logging into a mail that has cookies remembering the password. They were not stupid to show us how they busted the Gmail account, though a simple fishing attack can really bust anyone, especially those who are too busy to notice and NOT Tech savvy.

Whats Ironic.

The hackers have been working on the mail since 2013, Gmail can easily ring an alarm that someone from a different IP address has logged into your mail was that you? Especially when people from various continents try to remotely  login to the Gmail server.Was Gmail also stupid not to pick this trend, or the “Baba Jukwas” were stupid to ignore the warning.

Unless ofcourse the Gmail account was really nothing but their own emai account they created

a) The timing is too good to be true.

After allowing Baba Jukwa at his real height to “expose” the government last year, it was only prudent for anyone to release the information then when Baba Jukwa really mattered not NOW.

b) Baba Jukwa is more irrelevant now than ever so why unmask NOW?

Well like any hacking attack, you should take your time to know your victim, probably that’s what the hackers were doing all along  but since this is meant to lead to people to believe that our intelligence forces were working in cahoots with the hackers….well this will be a really SICK story of the year.

c) How can Zimbabwean Intelligence Officers Give up the files to Youtube?

So New Zimbabwe wants us to believe that the state agents, or hackers will dump information on Google drive and Google video channels,(Youtube) this is laughable. No trained or untrained security officer will take such an approach, besides dumping the files will not lead to any arrest, its just a SHAME and NAME tactic, this is obviously a hacker`s approach not an intelligence approach.

2. So if state security is not involved who is involved?

 ……here is more in Part 2

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