Warning: Human Trafficking Alert on classifieds.co.zw, Perpetrator Arrested!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The Zimbabwe Republic police, CID department yesterday nabbed a South African Lady , Shamilar Roopen who was posting on www.Classifieds.co.zw as a potential employer to house maids and allegedly supplying these desperate woman for human trafficking, as commercial sex slaves.


22 Zimbabwean women had successfully responded to this new “Job offer” on the website and were promised jobs overseas for a salary of $200, unknown to them they were falling prey to human trafficking snares, hood winked into sex trafficking or labour trafficking,

Shamilar Roopen, during investigation revealed that she was only tasked by a Saudi Arabian businessman, Mr Ibrahim Abdulah al Nedhaimisa in 2010 to look for prospective employees while she was in South Africa and she found the Zimbabwean market lucrative.

She uploaded the Job offers on Zimbabwe`s largest classifieds website about house maids wanted in Zimbabwe for both local and international market but valid passport was a requisite, with a very attractive salary pegged at $200, compared with the local market fluctuating at around $90, this was a very hefty package to attract the maids.

Classifieds.co.zw Human trafficking

22 women had already responded to the advert and 6 of them had already qualified after passing a medical test.

The police detective with the General HeadQuarters investigating the case said he was anonymously tipped off and managed to trace Shamilar to a local medical centre where she was conducting medical tests for the maids and caught her red handed with 2 passports.

Efforts to get in touch with Garth Drummond, the founder of www.classifieds.co.zw were fruitless as his mobile phone was offline. All the office numbers advertised on their website were also not going through by the time we frantically tried to get a comment from their head office.

An Advert on their website which we suspect may be the one used is still live on their platform, though not confirmed, We tried to call the numbers too but they were not reachable as well.

Classifieds.co.zw Human trafficking advert

The women were suspected to be on their way to Saudi Arabia where they were going to be used as sex workers.

Here are more facts On Human Trafficking

Human trafficking can be broken up into many categories. The two largest categories are (1) labor trafficking, which includes debt bondage, and (2) sex trafficking. In both categories the traffickers and the consumers are benefiting through the consumption of goods or services.

Labor trafficking and debt bondage occurs when a trafficker is selling products or physical labor that their slaves are producing. Their profits usually come from sales further down the supply chain to corporate entities and consumers.

Human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, creates a profitable industry, possibly the most profitable illicit global industry. Direct servitude could also be defined as a facet of labor trafficking, where the trafficker is the direct recipient of profit but is also the consumer. Examples include domestic servants, child Restaviks in Haiti, and child soldiers

Human Trafficking 3

Sex trafficking, or commercial exploitation, occurs when a trafficker sells sexual acts to a consumer who usually has direct contact with the sex slave, although film and the internet have created ways for this product to be consumed without direct contact with those enslaved.


Mrs Roopen is now assisting the police with investigations concerning the matter.


Nicole Madziwa

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